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A Space-Age Rehab Tool

Based on technology developed by NASA, the AlterG Treadmill is a state-of-the-art training tool with a wide range of rehab applications. Its unique design allows the user to walk or run at a fraction of his or her bodyweight, drastically reducing impact forces and joint trauma. As a result, it is an excellent training tool for those who are overweight, have joint pain, are new to exercise, recovering from injury, or have difficulty walking. 

Parkinson's, Stroke, Arthritis
It has been used successfully to rehabilitate post-surgical patients, train professional athletes, preserve mobility in Parkinson patients, and as a means of introducing physical activity to overweight or severely deconditioned individuals. According to Derek Neill, PT, the AlterG is a great alternative for those who would benefit from pool therapy but dislike bathing suits and cold weather. 

Runners Injuries
Andy Burfoot, Editor at Large for Runners World magazine states, “The AlterG is the most significant advancement in training equipment for distance runners in the last half century.”
Could the AlterG Help Your Knee or Back Pain?
Anti-Gravity Treadmill
“After three ACL reconstruction surgeries, I thought my running days were over. The first time I used the AlterG, I ran for ten minutes; something I hadn’t done in over twenty years!”  
                       – Abram Letkeman, Amarillo
AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
iPOW Physical Therapy